Liepu biurai is a unique place for customers in demand of quality.

Office centre is located at Liepu Street – the historic centre of the city bordering the Old Town. Liepu biurai is in the neighbourhood not only of the municipality, the central post office, various governmental and business institutions, but also the Dange River and its recreation areas.

Liepu biurai contains 1500 m2 of reconstructed and newly erected buildings on the ground floor host the premises for commercial activities, and different offices on other floors.

After reconstruction of building, that was originally built in the 19th century, it now includes high-tech engineering systems, new roof structures, better thermal insulation, modern elevator, and two storey parking. Only high-quality certified and environmentally friendly materials were used to meet energy efficiency rating A.

Liepu biurai are chosen by: KPMG Baltic Klaipeda Branch, "Monai" restaurant, IF insurance company, "Fertimara", STEMMA GROUP and Amberwind. 

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